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Tuna Unpressed Bubble Hash (1g)

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Tuna Bubble Hash is a crazy high strength Indica dominant product. Produced by the wicked combination of Hindu Kush and a mystery strain, Tuna Bubble is a rare strain. Tuna Bubble Hash is the perfect option for marijuana connoisseurs and those who want to experience a high with mesmerizing body and mind effects. Tuna Bubble Hash is great to use in grass, a pipe or a bong- whatever you prefer, they will all do the trick!

Our Tuna Bubble Hash has a 5-star rating and is extracted from only the most premium flowers. Tuna Bubble Hash maintains an amazing smell and malleable texture, making it an easy smoke for any occasion. Tuna Bubble Hash has a smooth taste and provides a classic buzz that will leave smokers in an absolutely euphoric state of mind.

Tuna Bubble Hash maintains a strong but very smooth hash taste. Like a classic hash, Tuna Bubble Hash tastes quite earthy. There are also undertones of light spice and herb. We recommend pairing Tuna Bubble Hash with a handful of cashews. Cashews will diversify the flavour profile by elevating the earthy undertones and creating a new flavour structure. Cashews are also great for enhancing the intensity of the high and providing a stronger cerebral experience.

Tuna Bubble Hash is a good evening and nighttime smoke. The effects provided by Tuna Bubble Hash include euphoria, and a touch of mental energy that will soon fade and leave minds filled with deep thought and quality introspection. Upon first inhalation, users will be met with the slight cerebral uplift. Worries and stress will quickly float away and will be replaced with a since of all-encompassing calm. After a puff or two more, the bodily effects will kick in. Extreme body relaxation will ensue as ecstasy-like feelings rush over the entire body.

The medical benefits of Tuna Bubble Hash include momentary relief of stress, anxiety, muscle spasms, insomnia, seizures and headaches. The medical benefits of Tuna Bubble Hash stem from it being an Indica product. Numerous scientific and medical studies have confirmed the benefits of Indica products. Indica products are praised world wide for providing sedating and relaxing effects accompanied by an increased appetite and a decreased stress level. Indica products are the perfect option when looking to un-wind and decompress after a tough day!

Tuna Bubble Hash is a high strength Indica Dominant product. Tuna Bubble Hash is a great smoke for all levels of smokers; however, we caution those new to cannabis to start slowly with this product.

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