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AA Seawarp (Greenhouse)


Seawarp is an outdoor strain from the Kootenay region of British Columbia, where it has generated an amazing reputation as a favorite among outdoor strains. It is a balanced hybrid that is equal parts sativa and indica. It was jointly developed by the cultivators from Reeferman Seeds and Texada Island Genetics, from a 3 way cross between Sea Level (indica), Ben Johnson (indica), and Texada’s own Timewarp (sativa) strains. The resulting offspring is a consistent, fast flowering plant that stretches high and wide. It produces average sized yields with large and thick buds that are triangularly shaped and sparkle due to trichome coverage that is surprising for an outdoor bud. While having a slightly looser bud structure, the nugs still possess a high degree of density. Seawarp’s effects starts with a euphoric, cerebral and mentally uplifting head buzz that quickly give way to a calming and characteristically indica-like body stone. It is capable of easing anxiety and melting away aches or pains (the muscular type, as this strain may be too light for nerve or bone pain relief). It is perfect for beginner users or those looking for a light stone. Seawarp may help with decreasing stress, migraine headaches, as well as to calm symptoms of ADD.

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